I/we hereby solomnly declare that the business concept of "PLATWAY NETWORKING PVT LTD" has been clear explained to me/us by my/our sponsor. I/we hereby certified that the information provided by me/us overleaf is true and correct. I/we hereby further declare that I/we have read, understood and shall abide by all terms and conditions including policies and procedures contained in this website application form. I/we signed below as a token of acceptance of the terms and conditions mentioned here.
1. This is only promotional plan and same plan is continuing upto 12th May 2019. After 12th May & 13th May 2019 onwards plan will be upgraded from rupees 75/- to rupees 200/- and from rupees 135/- to 300/- and from rupees 350/- to 500/-.
2. In this system joining is totally free but you have to activate your own ID to purchase a product coupon that is actually product booking amount from the company which is used to purchase the goods or services from the company through the our next upcoming shopping portal. It will be launched very soon.
3. The amount for activation as a product booking amount is not refundable nor transferable.
4. Bonus will be given on after completion of 10th level in plan 200/- & plan 500/-.
5. Bonus in plan 200/- is 0.05 paisa per member & plan 500/- is 0.025 paisa per member.
6. Company reserve the right to change the incentives without any prior notice.
7. Minimum withdrawal amount is rupees 500/-.
8. You can getting your income through the bank or UPI only of your verified income.
9. By clicking on "Terms of Service", you hereby agree to receive any kind of promotional messages from the company.
10. If any user found violating the terms and conditions his/her ID will be blocked immediately without any prior notice.
11. Repurchase is compulsory after completion of 10th level.
12. Repurchase will be made compulsory by the company anytime.
13. Weekly business closing on every Sunday.
14. Company can changes all things for benefits of associate at any time without any prior notice.
15. All incomes, benefits, rewards, incentives etc is depending on companies marketing growth.
16. If the company decided to gives reward, then on one pan card you will get one reward only.
17. Products are delivered with the help of our valuable associates throughly or company website through shopping portal.
18. Providing PAN within 30 days of joining is compulsory. Because payment will not be released without PAN card or without KYC.
19. The service is operated by platway networking private limited and therefore this agreement is between I and platway networking private limited is used in this document, it represents the company and the services provided through www.mydreamproject.in
20. By enrolling and/or using the www.mydreamproject.in of PLATWAY NETWORKING PVT LTD service or services, I agree that I have read and understood this agreement and that my membership in this services shall confirm to its terms and conditions.
21. I will work according to the terms and conditions of the company.
22. 200/- & 300/- voucher only apply on minimum 1000/- purchase and 500/- voucher apply on minimum 2000/- purchase.
23. I agree to understand that company is fully product based.
24. I am buying products and services which is provided by the company with my own interest.
25. I am not forced by anyone to use the services or buying the products which is provided by the company.
26. I have been taken a product as it seems proper to me.